What A Waster

June 22, 2005

Further perusing of the FADER newsstand finds an unexpected article on Pete Doherty - “Kate Moss's Prince Alarming” - in the mega-skinny July issue of Vanity Fair. It's more on the trashier side of VF writing and focuses on Doherty's place as a UK tabloid fixture rather than his music with Baby Shambles and the Libertines. I guess they're leaving that territory to folks like us.

Although we promise to never include sentences like “in a country where drugs are cheap, alcohol is cheaper, and everyone is getting smashed, it sometimes seems as if Doherty is bearing the weight of the nation's vices.” Well, not anymore at least, that just sounds ridiculous.

Bonus Beats: Here's a shot of Doherty freebasing from a gully portfolio by photographer Jamie-James Medina. There's also righteous snaps of Lil John and Dizzee Rascal in there, but we're not linking those because this isn't about them.

Posted: June 22, 2005
What A Waster