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June 28, 2005

LI's Head Automatica played a sold-out homecoming show of sorts last night at the Bowery Ballroom. "We're Head Automatica from like, five minutes from here", said frontman Daryl Palumbo to rapturous applause. Not just from the Islanders, either - we were standing next to some cargo short-ed Jerz kids discussing where they parked before catching the Newport Mall PATH train.

It was our first time seeing the band live, and, to be completely honest, it was kinna weird. Our frame of reference was still the hip-hop leaning tracks off last summer's debut LP, the Head Automatica Air Force Ones and the sideways baseball cap Glassjaw era - so when the band came out in full-on polyester pants and eyeliner glam rock mode, it made for some cognitive dissonance to say the least.

But while we weren't quite sold on their new look, the band was insanely tight, running through the catchy, eclectic Decadence material as well as a batch of new tracks - recent interviews have promised new demos posted online "soon", so keep an eye out for those. We will. In the meantime, the Bowery concert will be re-broadcast on Krock2 this week, and you can also catch the band playing for free in Union Square Park on Wednesday the 29th.

Surprise opener was Def Jux's Cage, who's recently been working on a handful of collabs with Darryl from HA. Flanked by the unfortunately-monikered Yak Ballz, Cage ran through some of his signature drugs-and-necrophilia odes while HA's Warped Tour fanbase generally scratched their heads...with the exception of two dudes who were FUCKING INTO IT, pumping their fists throughout the entire set, and slamdancing into each other when they played RJD2 in between sets. Hey, enthusiasm is enthusiasm...

Posted: June 28, 2005
Head Music