Don’t Be Scared

July 06, 2005

Tonight promises a serious grime-age infestation for Joe’s Pub in Manhattan as the venue hosts the second installment of 1977, the wandering party dedicated to all things Misfits. If you wear deodorant, expect to get beaten for being an enemy to the cause.

Along with DJ sets from Jake Boyle and Daniel Jackson they’ll be a performance from heroic scuzzbuckets ARE Weapons.

We just got a copy of The Weapons’ new album Free In The Streets, due out this September, and that shit is undeniable. A lot of fools hate, but screw em R.I.T.A. The ARE albums are so triumphant - at the end they aren’t even trying to hear the idea of coming down. Instead they just take it up to notch infinity so you’re running wild in the streets yelling, “Fuck! Man! I just listened to the Weapons!”

Seriously broham, “In The Night” is mandatory listening right now.

Posted: July 06, 2005
Don’t Be Scared