California Dreaming

July 21, 2005

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect from last night’s Liz Phair event - serious listening session? balls out party time bash? - but we knew it was going down poolside at the newly renovated Roosevelt Hotel, and ccording to Page Six that’s the place where Lindsay Lohan does triple backflips off her 12th floor balcony into the David Hockney-painted swimming pool filled with those creepy old guys who play high schoolers on That ’70s Show. Right the fuck on!

When we arrived we saw two fellas enjoying the free WI-FI service, but then realized they were playing Phair’s new album Somebody’s Miracle on repeat from their laptops. We think the lady of the hour was there, but we’re not positive. There was a gal in a fancy-pants red outfit that looked like Liz Phair from the back and wherever she went people started to nervously step closer towards her orbit, but we never got a 100% face recognition.

Phair has taken a lot of shit from hardly grown-up indie boys who still want her singing about banging dudes while driving cross country (get over it guys, she broke up with you like a decade ago), and this album probably isn’t going to make them change their tune. It’s mainly a mellow, SoCal-style pop-rock affair and though the environment wasn’t the best to catch the lyrics, we still love the sound of her voice.

And as for the tuna tartar, it was great. We had fourths.

Posted: July 21, 2005
California Dreaming