June 24, 2005

Last night found us m-m-moving our feet at the sold-out Junior Senior show at Mercury Lounge; it was the Danish duo's first NYC appearance since “a cold November night in '03.” Backed by an eccentric group of fellow Scandinavians, they proceeded to jitter, jump, and rhythmatize (handclaps = fun!) with an energy that we can only explain as the product of playing in a band whose reigning aesthetic is shiny, sexual yin-yang.

Mega-excited Senior (the gay one) sported a black-and-white checkered coat and a fierce moustache, while Junior (the straight one) rocked a haircut that eerily resembled what Seann William Scott might look like in a David Cassidy wig. Proving themselves firm believers in the mantra that “If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” the band played old faves (Junior killed the faux-soul chorus on “Move Your Feet”) and previewed a bunch of new material from their upcoming LP, including single “Itch U Can't Scratch” (more harmonies and charming, dumbed-down disco)

The crowd was hands-in-the-air psyched from start to finish; one kid in the front row just kept yelling “This is fun!”

Although it was clear that they'd already won over the tiny-teed crowd, Senior (after sweating through his jacket) couldn't help but over-achieve and mention that New York is “way better than Los Angeles,” even going so far as to claim that “L.A. sucks!”; we're not arguing with that. Nor are we arguing with the post-show smiles on all the sweaty faces.

Opening was Jonny Lives, whom we missed because we were really…um…well, okay, we just weren't interested. True to form, NME recently raved that “Jonny Lives are pants droppingly brilliant,” but our politico friend checked them out and ended up reading Richard Clarke's Against All Enemies over actually watching the show. “Some little girls knew the words.” Friend 1, NME 0.

Posted: June 24, 2005