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Mad As Hell

August 01, 2005

The Anger Management Tour is coming through NY at the end of the week for a two-night stand at Madison Square Garden. Along the way, Marshall, Curtis, and family have had some bumps in the road - but with some new additions on board, it looks like the tour is in good shape heading into what will likely be a triumphant two-night stay at the D's Comerica Park before heading overseas. For those of us with fear of large crowds and/or depleted bank accounts, Cleveland's top ranking DJ, Mick Boogie, has put together The Anger Management Experience, a handy memento of all the spectacle with none of the fuss.

Hosted by the predicate felon himself, Mick's live mix captures many a tour highlight. Get misty during Slim's lighter-waving "Sing For The Moment!" Listen in amazement as Lil Jon tries to restrain himself from shouting, "YEAH" over the hushed romance of the Yin Yang Twins' "Wait!" Praise Jah as Tony toasts over our cover star's "Welcome To Jamrock!" Anger-tastic!

Posted: August 01, 2005
Mad As Hell