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I Miss My Homies

August 03, 2005

It's really easy to snark out about the melodramatic video for "In This River", a tribute to Dimebag Darrell by fellow axeman Zakk Wylde. Sure, there's cliched shots of Zakk playing piano (and doublenecked Gibson) in a stream somewhere, a nonsensical Pet Semetary-meets-Stand By Me subplot in the forest, and two child actors in black and blonde hesher wigs standing in for a preeteen Dime and Zakk.

But in this case, simply cracking wise would be real fucking heartless. Zakk genuinely misses his brodog, and expressing his grief through metal balladeering is the only way he knows how. Snicker if you will (and there were points during the guitar solo where we just couldn't help it), but "River" is one of the most genuine musical tributes we've seen in a while.

Posted: August 03, 2005
I Miss My Homies