Dove, Man

August 08, 2005

We know him from college, others know him from, you can just call him Doveman. Thomas Bartlett and crew performed at Joe's Pub Thursday night to celebrate the release of their new record The Acrobat.

Bartlett's band is crack - Sam clips and clomps on the banjo (and has a a good hat and a great record of his own coming down the pipeline), the muted horn is melancholic as all fuck (especially when it's used to just curl off a couple bent notes to end a song), and another dude in the band has played with Chris Whitley and Iggy Pop. Some people don't go for Bartlett's broken whisper, but we're way into the way he somehow manages to sneak surprising melodies and rhythms in when he's barely making a sound, especially on that one that goes "I can tell she's been drinking...."

See how he does how he do here, a cover of Will Oldham's "New Partner".

Posted: August 08, 2005
Dove, Man