Sunday In The Park With Maya

August 08, 2005

There was an announcement from the stage that Sunday's free MIA show at Central Park was the biggest crowd turnout for SummerStage all year. We don't doubt it. White dudes doing the Grateful Dead twirly dance, cute girls with enormous sunglasses, even cuter hipster infants, Arto Lindsay and Salman Rushdie - everyone was getting down to the sounds of our homegirl on one of the clearest, breeziest days this summer.

DJ Rekha slayed with her opening bhangra set, followed by an amped-up Mr Vegas (and his even more enthusiastic DJ) running through a hyperactive, ab-flexing routine of riddim after riddim - and on the ones where Vegas' own take never quite hit big stateside, he'd sing Beenie Man's version. No ego! We're with that!

Diplo's set calmed the crowd down a bit, but once MIA came on, there was no holding back. She opened with "Bad Man" off the latest Missy album, threw in another new joint (on the sick soca "Nookie Tonight" riddim), then blasted through a succession of Arular tracks enhanced for the live setting by an insane tabla player.

Here's some shots we took, you can pull up the people's shots from the show at Flickr. Check for when the random dude got on stage and Soy Bombed.

I know we already mentioned Salman Rushdie was there, but that shit is gangster.

Posted: August 08, 2005
Sunday In The Park With Maya