Mas Fino

August 11, 2005

FADER scribe and athletic enthusiast Chris Isenberg is the mastermind behind No Mas, a schweet t-shirt label equally devoted to stylish screenprints and disgraced sportsmen. To make room for next season's gear, Chris will be slanging shirts at a massive sample sale this weekend in Tribeca. Along with all the NM joints, you'll be able to pick up drippy, bear-tagged garments from Mishka, rap-obsessed tees from Mighty Healthy, and dancehall flavors from the lads of King Stampede. Stop on if you're around, because let's face it, who doesn't love t-shirts? Nudists and commies, that's who.

Fri. Aug 12 - Sunday Aug. 14th. Noon - 7PM
247 West Broadway. 2nd Floor.
1/9 to Franklin
A/C/E to Canal

Posted: August 11, 2005
Mas Fino