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Nas Is Coming

August 17, 2005

Dispatches from the Nas Desk have been pretty quiet as of late (undercooked beef raps notwithstanding), but last night we caught two - count ’em, two - new tracks where God's Son drops in for a guest verse.

Our backcover star Damian Marley’s “Road To Zion” isn’t as jamming as “Jamrock”, but reflecting on “daymares in daytime” Nas brings his patented self-conflicted righteousness talk. On “Really Doe” from Kanye’s upcoming Late Registration, Nas spends the first half trying to figure out what to rap about ("Fo-fos or Black Christ?/Both flows would be nice/Rap about big paper or the Black man plight?"), before his mans tells him that 12 years later fans still want to hear Illmatic. Wild po-mo.

Posted: August 17, 2005
Nas Is Coming