The Journalist

August 17, 2005

Yeah, we just wrote about Jim Jones a day or two ago, but dude keeps doing things!

MTV is streaming his new album (complete with Tupac tributes, Paul Wall collabs and motherfucking PETE ROCK!), but that's not why we're excited - after checking the capo's website, it turns out dude is featuring scanned handwritten diary entries in Jim's own sloping script (somebody get to work), complete with scratched out words and the Mead looseleaf edge intact. "Summer so far has been a good look," "the show in Albany was straight Geed up, all the homies came out and showed gangsta love," etc.

No news yet on whether or not One Eyed Willie will continue to get his Ryan Gosling on in coming weeks, but between that and the upcoming Jeezy self-help guide, we haven't been this excited to read since the Troll Book Club.

Posted: August 17, 2005
The Journalist