Wild Life

August 18, 2005

We saw a coyote on our way to the White Stripes show at the Greek Theatre last night, so we knew shit was going to be real in the Los Feliz hills.

We’ve written a lot on the White Stripes - hell, we wrote about them playing Southern California just three weeks ago - but they never give us a reason to stop. Last night the band changed “pancake batter” to “celery and peanut butter” on “The Hardest Button To Button”, sandwiched covers inside “Blue Orchid”, didn’t play “Seven Nation Army” or “Fell In Love With A Girl”, kept a marimba onstage but never touched it, and had two red timpanis just for Meg to pound during the 40 second “Passive Manipulation." Then they played the song again not 30 minutes later. The Stripes don’t pander, but they never fail to entertain.

We’ve never agreed with the opinion that Jack White should be doing more with his talent, that the self-imposed restrictions he’s placed on himself in this band have run their course, and listening to him on the mandolin and Meg behind the drum kit singing “Little Ghost” to each other last night, we couldn’t think of anything else we’d rather see them doing.

Oh and holy crap, they brought Beck out for the encore. First him and Jack dueted on “Cold Brains” from Mutations, then Beck played backing guitar on “The Denial Twist” from Get Behind Me Satan. They admitted they hadn’t really rehearsed, but it didn’t matter because it was Beck and the White Stripes together on the same stage. That’s even rarer than seeing a coyote on city streets, which happened again on our way back to the car.

Posted: August 18, 2005
Wild Life