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Back From Pharaway?

August 19, 2005

We've been waiting for the Fatlip solo record since the self-deprecating, nursery music goodness of “What’s Up Fatlip?” way back in 2000. We got a little bit closer when the Spike Jonze documentary of the same name dropped three years later, but while it was funny (A dance move called the Freddy Krueger!) and fascinating (A story about hooking up with a transvestite!), there was still no album to go along with it.

As summer '05 winds down, the LP remains missing in action (according to Fatlip's website it’s supposed to drop on Delicious Vinyl...sometime last year) but then all of a sudden, an email hits us this week proclaiming that The Loneliest Punk is back on the release schedule for fall (update: November 9th!) We’re keeping fingers crossed. Fatlip, we love you!

Posted: August 19, 2005
Back From Pharaway?