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Cash, Girls, Glasses

August 24, 2005

(Side note: that is neither our wallet, office wall, or ass. Merely a reasonable facsimile.)

Don't be pretzel-esque and get it twisted: love costs money. Even the kind talked about in the soft focus, hyper-intellectual, emotionally articulate songs of the Postal Service. First, you gotta keep yourself laced in nothing but the finest corduroys and cowboy shirts, grandma eyewear and and New Balance kicks. Then, if you're really a marquee player, you gotta get your Volkswagen Jetta all nice and shiny (get that extra-strength Armor All!) and throw some 14 inch rims on it. Then you have to get the woofers in the trunk all souped up so that supple mid-range tones of your favorite electro-emo duo come blazing through in stereo when you're taking your significant other on a fall foliage tour.

We know, man. It's hard out here for a pimp. Luckily the folks over at Poketo feel your pain, and while they may not be handing out low-interest loans for art school dropouts, they are providing the ideal wallets for you to keep your paper stacked. These limited edition money holders were done by five different artists, all of whom were inspired by thug anthems from the Service's Give Up. We're partial to Susie Ghahremani's nature themed number, because it really screams, "S'up, ma, I love the enviornment." Bird call.

Posted: August 24, 2005
Cash, Girls, Glasses