Our Two Cent$

August 24, 2005

Going from grimey ass Murda Ma$e to shiny suit Bad Boy Ma$e to New Testament-spitting Pastor Ma$e, the slow flow Harlem MC has set a precedent for switching personas. The massive spinning medallion and Yayo promo tee caught on cameraphone above makes it seem like Ma$e might now be part of the ever growing crowd of middle-aged NY rappers claiming G-G-G-Unit. We let this info fry on our brainpan for a minute, hoping for a clarification (or maybe a retraction?) but it looks like a wrap.

Sure, we luh us some Bad Boy, and will even admit under duress that Harlem World: The Movement had it's moments (some of which were Kanye's first checks!) but this is - how do you say? - a bad look. For everyone.

Worse still, while on G-Unit Radio M-A-dollar sign went on to pop nonsense about his dearly departed homie, Big L. Seems Mr. Betha is claiming that a lot of Big L's monster punchlines were written by him. It's bad enough that he's insulting the dead. But even more so, does he think any of us are dim enough to believe that?! Compare and contrast:

"Ma$e, you know ain't nothing changed but the limp/ Won't stop 'til I see my name on a blimp."


"I'm large like the Great Lakes, with drug spots in eight states/ I'm chillin', making sure this money is right, sipping Sunny Delight and hittin' every honey in sight."

C'mon, that's on some Robert Lowell shit right there! When is National Poetry Month?! Big L rest in peace!

Posted: August 24, 2005
Our Two Cent$