Run, Don’t Walk

August 24, 2005

Tonight, our dudes at Turntable Lab and our other dudes at Cut are presenting a release party at Subtonic for Rush, the infinitely enjoyable mix CD by "Second Cousins" Blue Jemz and Roger Yamaha, who are - shocker! - also our dudes.

(Well, at least Jemz is - you might have heard him starting the Authentic Shit program on EVR right when the FADER show is ending every Friday) - which is no sort of value judgement on Roger Yamaha, we just haven't really hung out with him like that yet.)

Blu Jemz and Roger Yamaha CD release party for Rush

Sponsored by Turntable Lab, Cut, Money Studies and Moon Walk Records.

With Turntable Lab DJ's:
Blu Jemz & Roger Yamaha
Egg Foo Young

Wednesday August 24th
@ SubTonic: 107 Norfolk St. between Delancey and Stanton

Posted: August 24, 2005
Run, Don’t Walk