Everyone’s A Winner

August 29, 2005

Rather than attempt some exhaustive recap of last night's MTV Awards in Miami, we're just going to say that it was one of the more entertaining editions of the show in recent years, and spend the rest of our time selectively commenting on outfits and linking watermarked Getty Images wire photos!

The Game's necktie was killing 'em (word to the Hullkster), Timbo and Nelly Furtado were real cute and sweaty at the pre-parties on Saturday. A Guy Called West was everywhere, and even Taz from SA-RA Creative Partners was catching some runoff Kanyemania! glow in his weird-ass glove. Tego's double-breasted suit/hat combo was pimp as always, and although we're not really checking for gowns much, Kelly Clarkson looked hella classy in hers.

In the diamond department, Paul Wall's icey lean cup was taking top honors, although Busta's "Big Apple" and Pharrell's multicolored pendant of diamond BAPE characters (our man DJ Day referred to it as "a CD of some lego people or something") were both stunting hard. Relatedly, we must offer a heartfelt "pump your brakes" to Chopper from Making The Band, aka Young City, aka not the wisest investor. Dude, you do not even have an album out, and while we are digging your Ryan Leslie-produced single "Lil Daddy", it is still faaaaaar from a hit at the moment. Go easy, kid.

Posted: August 29, 2005
Everyone’s A Winner