September 08, 2005

The main reason you buy - or come across in some sort of promotional capacity, since we all know mix CDs are not for sale - a DJ Clue tape is the new batch of fresh out the ProTools exclusives, all vying for attention against William M. Holler's, um, toasting. His new work of art, the impeccably titled Fidel Cashflow, has just invaded our lives like a Delta Force strike team (whoa, time to put down the Tom Clancy), and we are here to give you the play by play.

Metro area features are big on this one: straight outta Far Rockaway, Stack Bundles puts his stamp on Jeezy's "Go Crazy." Straight outta the Bridge, Nas sounds luded up and nasty on "Death Anniversary" then totally bricks an L-Boogie-sampling ode to monogamy ("It Wasn't You"). Straight off the back of a milk carton, Paul Cain lets us know he's still breathing. Good to see you, Paulie!

You also get two massive, lumbering, mean-spirited posse cuts. "Kiss Yo Ass Goodbye (Remix)" showcases Sheek Louch and Jadakiss from the Yonkers community organization better known as D-Block, Fabolous (a favorite of traffic cops near and far), the free-at-last Philadelphia poet, Beanie Sigel, and the man you either hate or love (or are neither here nor there about), Game. Highlight? Jada speaking on the possibility of joining Hov at Def Jam, and Sheek remarking that the inside of his car is "tan," while the outside is "pickel." Brave color scheme, Louch!

Then there's the long awaited G-Unit Extended Family return volley at Game, "300 Shots." 50 comes with that God's Plan flow. Mase kicks a sermon about robbing dudes (is he now the pastor of the Church Of Larceny?). MOP sound like an unstable nuclear power plant, per usual. Young "Stabby" Buck says, and we're paraphrasing here, D-Block do not want to get into a tussle with the Randy Savage of Ten-a-key. And Prodigy actually sounds like he took his Flinstones ("you can see my verse even if you're the blindest" - that shit is like a Buddhist koan, dog!). You can't argue with strength in numbers - time to hibernate, Jayceon.

Posted: September 08, 2005