I’ll Have The Predicate Felon Wrap

September 14, 2005

Celeb sightings are the stuff of legend up in our neck of the woods. For instance:

"Liev Schrieber wearing white pants rolling down 6th on a Vespa. Scout's honor!"

"Yo, the art school jawn from Six Feet Under was at Container Store!"

"Ron Artest! Halal Chicken cart! Saying though!"

And just as the office was settling down from the paparazzi buzz of watching Pete Doherty and Kate Moss half-heartedly (or half lung-edly) outrun shutterbugs in some Fashion Week-related biz downtown, this breaking news rattled our windows: Tony Yayo, posted up right outside of Cosi. Do we have photographic evidence? No. There were a bunch of dudes wearing MOP t-shirts flanking him, and we didn't feel like it was the most opportune time to rush the spot and be like, "SAY CHEESE TO THE CAMERA PHONE, HOMIE!" No, we wanted the Talk Of New York to savor his Tandoori chicken sandwich with the peace and quiet afforded to all Cosi customers. Please believe, rappers are just like us.

Posted: September 14, 2005
I’ll Have The Predicate Felon Wrap