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Last Week Was Fashion Week Too

September 19, 2005

The Bryant Park tents are usually our idea of hell (try sitting under the armpit of Jay from Project Runway on a hot day) but once in a while something comes along that completely makes all the sweaty, psycho, bitchy shit the Alexandre Herchcovitch and Animal Collective collab two sundays ago.

Admittedly, the pre-show materials looked a little scary: pictures of Herchcovitch's wild trannie friends against a trippy graphic background - not exactly easy on the eye on a hungover Sunday afternoon. But somehow Animal Collective's cross-legged hippie vibes made perfect sense mixed with the Herchcovitch psychdelia. Shown against an AC soundtrack, the clothes (pseudo tie-dye dresses for night, monochrome print short shorts for day, topped off with pheasant feather hats straight out of Sherwood Forest) had us all wrapped up in a soupy trance. Sadly, our attempts to sneak backstage for aftershow reporting/mischief were thwarted by the men in Bryant Park suits, but even a week later, the combination remains a surprisingly fun one.

Posted: September 19, 2005
Last Week Was Fashion Week Too