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Ain’t Ferd Of That?

October 12, 2005

The Franz foursome's latest disc is too hot for our CD players. No really, the shit doesn't play. Some might say that it has something to do with "laptops" and "DualDiscs", bue we prefer to think it's 'cause of all the poprock-ed insanity contained therein. Yet more than any of You Could Have It So Much Better's album cuts, it's FF's two club remixes of "Do You Want To" (available on UK white-label 12"s) that stay thumping between our ears.

Erol Alkan's take on "Do You Want To" stretches out the track's thumping, "My Sharona"-nicked riff for almost three minutes before the drums kick in, while Max Tundra's rework eschews the guitars for Reaganomic keyboards we haven't heard on record since Van Halen's "Jump". Yet both manage to distill the single's already-catchy musical and lyrical hooks into their rawest elements of ecstatic release. Good luck dancing with an asymetrically-haircutted boy or girl to either one of these mixes someplace loud sometime soon.

Posted: October 12, 2005
Ain’t Ferd Of That?