Hey Rob

October 18, 2005

The internets are (rightfully) abuzz with transcripts of Juelz's Hester Prynne-isms on Hot 97, but for our money, the recent on-air highlights from the Home Of Blazing Hip Hop And R&B were all about Black Rob.

First, Cipha Sounds dropped "Woah" Saturday night only to stop the song halfway through with an announcement: "Mister Cee just two-wayed me to play the new Black Rob after this. What did you think I was gonna play?" Brief pause. "Jerk!" Then Ciph went into current BR single "Ready" (featuring a kiddie chorus, references to "deep-sea diving oceanomics" and the best Scram Jones beat this year) only to stop again to proclaim "now Mister Cee's talking about my momma!" Ok maybe now that we've typed all this out, it doesn't read as entertainingly as it seemed in the ride. But if you were there you would have been chuckling and almost hitting the FDR guard rail along with us.

Then the following night, Black Rob paid an in-person visit to DJ Envy, who quickly asked about Rob's arrest last November. The exchange went kind of like this:

"Did you do it?"
"Between you and me? Probably. Black Rob Report in stores Tuesday!"

Wow. Kleptomania is no laughing matter, but makes for GREAT LIVE RADIO, apparently.

Posted: October 18, 2005
Hey Rob