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October 20, 2005

It seems like the indie all-star Do They Know It’s Halloween has been talked about since last October, but whatever - IT'S FOR UNICEF, DOGGIES. Plus, the video is dope, and now that the actual single is actually out this week, we've had an opportunity to properly savor the different versions included therein.

There’s really no precedent for really good, bass-heavy Halloween novelty song remixes, but if there was, Th’ Corn Gang (aka the Unicorns in extramedium tall-tees) would live up to it. They flip the original vocals with an "Is That Your Chick?"-type beat, ditch the Buck 65 verse, and the result is a little bit less scary-like-Mariah, but definitely more in tune with our sensibilities. Not that you can really drive around with this in the dash and your Scream mask on, but it does the job.

Posted: October 20, 2005