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You Couldn’t Walk A Mile

November 07, 2005

If we had TiVo (listening, Santa?), the bedazzling hoopsmanship of Dwyane Wade would be on some instant-instant replay status. Just the other night, when Wade's Heat took on Ron Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neal's Pacers, young Dwyane came off a pick and roll, did a cataract-causing crossover that made us do the Scooby snack face, then-before falling on the ground-made a behind the back pass and saved a drowning teenager. That's some basketball!

Your boy Flash is not just known for his on-court showmanship though. Wade has a new sneaker in stores as of late last week, the Signature from Converse (aka "The Wade"). So now you too can stretch the court, fill the lane, drill 3's that will deflate the opposing team's faith in their chosen profession, and maybe even cure arthritis. Blaow.

Posted: November 07, 2005
You Couldn’t Walk A Mile