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Morning Nights

November 09, 2005

Keep the kiddies up tonight for My Morning Jacket on Craig Ferguson – we’re anticipating lessons on beard-trimming, irresponsible drinking, and organ-rocking-the-fuck-out. Must-see teevee!

The band is currently trouping around California with a trunk fulla copies of a little album they made called Z. Tomorrow, they’ll be hitting the Henry Fonda in LA (which is apparently sold out), followed by a two night stint at the Fillmore in Frisco, where they’re encouraging fans to dress up as “wizzards”, “faeries” and "goblins" for a special concert DVD they'll be filming. Also, for all these shows, you get the 2-for-1 special – our man Saul Williams is opening, and by "opening" we mean "jamming a session on the collective minds of the tie-dyed crowd". Wish we could be there. Check for more on MMJ mastermind Jim James in issue 33 of ye olde FADER magazine.

Posted: November 09, 2005
Morning Nights