Papi Called...Drought Over

November 30, 2005

We just wanted to chime in briefly about this new Dipset mixtape. Yes, yes, we know. There is a tendency around these parts to make an announcement every time Hell Rell goes to the bodega for a Gatorade (ps, dude likes "Fierce" flavor...shit is bold and refreshing). We will cop a plea on that charge. But this is a little more noteworthy then usual.

Frequent readers may remember our trip to the set of Killa's upcoming film titled Killa Season. It's also supposed to be the name of Cam's new album dropping in February. Anyway, stuff is starting to leak out which may or, more likely, may not be on said album. The Title Stays In Harlem features a few newish cuts such as the "Get Em Daddy Remix" which addresses the car jacking Cam survived with typical fuck-a-carjacking bravado. But "It's Nothing" takes the cake from under the bakers thumb. Shit is like 8 days of Hanukkah rolled into one 4 minute package.
Eagle-eyed Cam watchers may have heard these rhymes on his casually fucking awesome freestyle on Rap City a little while ago (get your Google gloves on and find that piece). As a freestyle, "It's Nothing" was spit over the Game's "Dreams" track. The official beat doesn't quite step to Kanye's strings, but it does its job: it gets out of Cam's way.

People get caught up in all the things Cam does besides rap, from his clothes to his press quotes. But Killa (or
King Jaffe Joffer, as he now prefers to be called) is so far ahead of his time he's about to start another life (Hola Hovito!). It's just an effortless, tumbling array of imagery, threats and boasts ("Headshot, red dot/ Your chicks are Betty and Wilma/ I'll make their bed rock"), with a compact coke soap opera icing it all ("took over two tenements with cookies and cakes/ the brand new Entenmann's"). You need this in your life, bredren. The wolf's awoken.

Posted: November 30, 2005
Papi Called...Drought Over