Finally Good To Us

January 04, 2006

(Yummy photo by Thomas Holton)

The way things work with ye olde editorial process here at FADER HQ is that we listen to music, get psyched about it, and share our psyched-ness with you fine magazine buying people ASAP - release dates be damned! But on occasion, that means the stuff we love from the instant we hear it doesn't actually hit stores for a long-ass minute (if at all - what up, Fam-Lay?). Case in point is Yummy Bingham. Her amazing single "Come Get It" dropped last May, we put her in the magazine...and that was the last we heard from Yummy. Until this week, when new single "Is It Good To You" popped up on iTunes. It is jamming. We snooped around and found out that she'll be performing in Jersey with FADER pop-n-b fave Chris Brown this Friday, and that her album is scheduled to drop this Spring. We'd shout "finally!" and run to circle March 21st, but we've learned our lesson by now.

(That's a damned lie, the 21st is sooooo circled already.)

Posted: January 04, 2006
Finally Good To Us