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iTunes By Nature

January 10, 2006

Harlem prince Juelz Santana's celebrity iTunes playlist went up today, with 19 picks and an explanation for each. There's some stuff you'd expect (Jeezy's "Trap Star" - "I can relate to the lyrics and the things he's talking about."), some stuff you'd really expect (Cam's "Down And Out" - "It's straight gangsta!"), and the perfunctory R&B joints to show off the softer side of Santana (Ray J's "One Wish" - "It's soulful and he really put himself out there on the song"). But then out of nowhere, there's a shout to Naughty By Nature's amazing "Yoke The Joker". "Real hip-hop at its finest", quoth the bandana'd one. We agree! America, you have been sleeping on Illtown! Free lifetime subscription to the first person to email us the name of Treach's machete! Ok, we're not giving a subscription away. But you might get broken off with a little gem from the Wild Promo archives. Jersey rap fandom's gotta count for something these days.

Update: Tim Ross of NC answered correctly - the machete was named Ali Baba. Tim, you are indeed the wickedest man alive.

Posted: January 10, 2006
iTunes By Nature