He Speaks In Your Voice

January 13, 2006

Say what you will about the US of A. Uncultured snobs, drunk on our own greed and power? Maybe so, Chomsky. But this here is still a land where you can pretty much say what's on your mind. Often, we crack journalists are saddened by how often our interview subjects take for granted their right to go off. Is that why George Washington let shots ring out at Valley Forge?! So you could say, "It is what it is"!? Let us now praise two men who had the courage to forgo automatic interview cliches this week.

First off, we wanted to salute Ron Artest. Currently taking a forced vacation from playing for the Indiana Pacers, due to his generally erratic behavior disrupting team morale, Artest recently piped up about his interest in playing for Team USA in the upcoming Olympic Games. Ron showed a pleasant amount of self-awareness and love of country in this oddball statement: "I may not be a class act, but I am an American." God bless!

The other burst of fresh air we got from Lil Wayne, in his interview with allhiphop.com. Amidst telling Hurricaine Katrina to suck his dick, and ripping on his former Hot Boy bros, Wayne has these distinctly patriotic words of advice:

AllHipHop.com: With "Shooters," did you hear the original version by Robin Thicke and just wanted to redo it?
Lil' Wayne: Yeah, hell yeah. I heard it years ago, on his album.
AllHipHop.com: Do you think that would surprise people, like, "Weezy listens to Thicke?"
Lil' Wayne: Fuck people.

The realest he ever spoke. Sleep tight, America.

Posted: January 13, 2006
He Speaks In Your Voice