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January 24, 2006

There's some Desperate Housewives-level melodrama going on outside that no man is safe from. Cam goes at Jay. Then Jay, rather than responding, signs Nas (not Cam's favorite person in the world). Dizzying. God's Son getting inked gave us pause, though. We realized with all the gabbing and gossiping, press conferencing and board rooming, we've lost sight of what's really good: the music, maaaaaan. So kick off your Chancletas, and ride with us through this new Jay/Nas smash-together mix, The Lost Album.

Because some of us here are barely closeted hip-hop purists used to tapes filled with nothing but DJ Premier b-sides and DJ Premiere remixes...of DJ Premiere b-sides (we got the Preemo Completists Anonymous membership cards to prove it), we were most geeked by Jay's "What More Can I Say" vocals being stitched to the Nas/Premier classic "Nas Is Like." Also worthy of a golf clap is the placement of Nas's "Bridging The Gap" vocal over Hov's "99 Problems," then they go the other way around ("99" over "Bridging") on the next track. Well juggled, bros! Our other favorite jam is Jay's "What More Can I Say" (can't get enough of "You already know what I'm about/ Pitching birds down south") over "Hate Me Now." Shit knocks. Better yet, it's getting us prepared for the once-warring duo's possible real life collab on Nas's first Def Jam LP. Tick-tock.

Posted: January 24, 2006
For Promotional Use Only