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Fashion Week Matchmaking

February 08, 2006

Tis the season to be fashiony people. Catwalks are are cool and all, but getting dragged under a stampede of Manolo-wielding fashionistas at Bryant Park? Not so much. To get into something a little more exclusive we dropped in on Edun's fashion shindig, located in a swanky uptown hideaway away from the heaving masses.

Poetry (Lou Reed swung by to give a reading), music (live and direct jazz trios) and lots and lots of art (including our friend Simone Shubuck, see FADER #34) kept the salon vibes going, art noveau style. Of course we were thorough enough to take a sneak peak of all next season’s garms between glasses of bubbly and Bono’s speeches, and think about the really important issues - like how can we cop the se threads before the fashion civilians get their mutts on it next season?

Posted: February 08, 2006
Fashion Week Matchmaking