Okay Alright Cool

February 24, 2006

New York is a-buzz with the return of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs this weekend, beginning with a jawnerator last night in, well, um, Jersey.

Being bon vivants who are well acquainted with the PATH train, we took our ass over the Hudson and soaked up the beer-soaked vibes of Maxwell's in Hoboken. First of all we should give a big fuckin RESPECT to the Yeahs for doing these three smaller-venue shows just to get the good people excited again (are you hearing us, Strokes? EXCITED). We were a little skurred that Karen O had fucked off to LA, forgotten the wee islands here on the East, and just generally starred the fuck out thanks to that li'l tear she shed on "Maps". Not so. Ms O was the same ole, same ole - wearing the lace glove, jumping around and chewing up microphones when the time came.

Unfortunately, however, we're not really fucking with the new album too tough. Excepting the radness of "Gold Lion" and another jam here or there, it's kind of like, umm, "Can we go back to listening to that Stills advance now?" Karen O gets by on charisma, not her beautiful singing voice, so if not the Stills advance could we please at least have some feedback? Pretty please, Nick? Anyway, back in Jerz, the Yeahs did an acoustic version of "Maps" and some stuff off the initial EP that wasn't "Bang" and a whole shit-ton of the new jams. Also it should be noted that there's a new recruit with shaggy hair playing all the acoustic guitar parts from the new rekkid (we wish he wasn't necessary).

Johnny Knoxville was in the building still wearing that red, white and blue wristband. Conrad from Trail Of Dead was in the building being exceedingly Conrad-y (yall slept on Worlds Apart, friends). Our dudes from Blood On The Wall opened the show and were holding it down. And, of course, America's Sweetheart and No 1 Drummer, Brian Chase was there, giving all the classy ladies little-drummer-boy-style heart palpitations (pa-rum-pa-pump-pum). Yeah so we're not crazy about the new album, but where the Yeah Yeah Yeahs go, we follow anyway. It's worth the trip.

Posted: February 24, 2006
Okay Alright Cool