Hip-Hop’s Lost Civilization

March 03, 2006

Times might be hard on various boulevards here and abroad, but tonight, any New Yorker with enough scrilla in their pocket, love in their heart and common sense in their head can live in the Black Card Era. The grand wizards of the blizzard are coming. The FADER is proud to present Clipse, live at the Knitting Factory.

We've already spent a few thousand words extolling the virtues of Pusha and Malice's Nobel Prize-worthy verses. Joining the dudes tonight will be Mr. Get Familiar, Clinton Sparks, along with Clipse's Philly brethren in the Re-Up Gang, Ab-Liva and Sandman (all together now: CAAAAAANNOOOON!).
We haven't been this pumped for a show since...well, at least since Tuesday. Clipse is back on the come-up after dealing with label drama. They've been prepping their hopefully-soon-to-be-released album Hell Hath No Fury, dropping seminal mixtapes, and generally running this rap shit (albeit kinda quietly). This is the crew's first show in NYC since God knows how long. Be part of future history, McFlys. You only live once.

Posted: March 03, 2006
Hip-Hop’s Lost Civilization