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Meeting Of The Minds

March 08, 2006

From the desk of movie news you can use, we thought we'd give you the heads up on this heartwarming development from out Hollwood way. Eli Roth, the auteur of the moment amongst the blood and gore set, has signed on to direct the film adaptation of Stephen King's latest tear-jereker, Cell. For those of you who do not keep up on Mr. King's comings and goings, Cell is a zombie tale in which King depicts a world where using your cell phone turns you into a member of the walking dead. Can you hear me now? Aw, Catskills humor. Roth of course is responsible for the recent-vintage cult classic, Cabin Fever, as well as last year's highly buffed snuff film (and box office hit!) Hostel. Our prediction? The most exploding melons since
Scanners. Coming to a theatre near you!

Posted: March 08, 2006
Meeting Of The Minds