Spank And File

March 17, 2006

Spankrock, one of our featured favorites, went out to catch wreck at the Vice Party @ Victory Grill Thursday afternoon.

Technical difficulties threw the hell out of the entire thing, so the kids only got a song or three of Spank's new-wavey Bmore weirdness. But for our money (free!) it was still a real fun show. Certain interaudience heckelers seemed to think differently, though: when Spankrock apologized for the malfunctioning turntables, someone yelled out "It's not the turntables!" Yar har, smart guy. Who heckles at concerts? This isn't basketball! Or a stump speech! It doesn't matter how clever your quips are, broseph - you're still a fat dude.

Anyway, we digress. Highlights included remixed versions of songs of Spank Ro's forthcoming Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo, a hyper, hysteric new track dedicated to ladies of all shades ("Shake it, shake it, shake it till my dick turn racist!"), and a hard-ass rendition of "Competition".

Ok we'll digress some more. FUCK THAT FAT DUDE.

Posted: March 17, 2006
Spank And File