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March 21, 2006

We’ve seen our fair share of fancy schmancy temporary stores, but something about dodgy dudes with walkie talkies leading you to a secret den of kicks gets our sneaker sensors all atwitter. Not that the footwear at Adicolor Chinatown is for sale just yet—the spot is actually more of a showroom, a sneak preview of all the collabos Adidas has lined up for their new Adicolor series (if you didn’t already know 'bout it, then the "Mr Happy" raver sneaks featured in F37 are a good place to start).

Finding the secret location does involve a little light-handed Chinatown hustle, so look out for one of the official Adicolor “merchants” that are stationed along Canal street and they'll guide you to your final destination before the space disappears in two weeks. Like any good gallery/museum our favorite, most precious piece (one Keith Haring/Jeremy Scott Adidas track jacket) is very safely stored behind slobber-resistant glass.

Posted: March 21, 2006