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Bish Bash VII

March 23, 2006

Last night we took our beards and the beards of our friends around the corner to Union Pool in Williamsburg for another bullllll-azing Todd P show, this time featuring our hero Sir Richard Bishop.

Not only was the Bish featured in the ragazine, but also he was on our bizzarro-ride across Europe with Will Oldham and Superwolf. Bishop's backstage good vibes in Europe - in the face of trials and tribulations galore - were one thing, but we must say they were nothing compared with the fires he set onstage each night. Seeing him perform once is great - seeing him three nights running is next levels. With that in mind, we caught the Knighted One at the Locust showcase in Austin a couple nights ago, then hit the Todd P show last night. On the Superwolf tour, Oldham would get real heated if the crowd talked during the Sun City Girl's solo guitar set, so maybe the Palace King was hiding in the rafters last night - as Bishop was about to start, a hush came out of the PA system from God knows where. Some girl near the bar yelled back, "This isn't a movie," but when Bishop smashed together "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" and "Nowhere Man", then closed it out with a Ravi Shankar cover we've heard but don't know the name of, we went and checked on that girl and she had her duck boot in her mouth. Also: WHY IS IT STILL COLD ENOUGH FOR DUCK BOOTS?

Posted: March 23, 2006
Bish Bash VII