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March 28, 2006

Joing Starks in the Tuesday retail bum rush is ATL's mic-igniting monarch TI. Despite the lack of patience of "the streets" (and when we say "the streets" we mean "the internet"), TI's new album The King remains one of the most hotly anticipated releases (north of Fishscale, of course) in a long ass time. Now that it's out in its final form, we can shift our an-Tip-ipation (zing!) to cinematic pursuits, and focus on enjoying the LP. Nope, it's not a return to the trap-packer, conscious dealer rhymes of Trap Muzik. Neither is it a multi-pronged attack on the clubs, malls and minds of mainstream America like Urban Legend. Basically, to be real corny about it, The King is TI's coronation; a 17-track exhibition of an MC approaching the top of his game. And it will knock your fitted right the fuck off.

You are already playing "What You Know" 65 times a day because it is the jam of the year, because Toomp's keys are 1st degree Moroder, and because WHEN HE CHIRPS SHAWTY CHIRP BACK. But there is a treasure chest to get into here: Just Blaze's newest edition to his series of jams featuring over-the-top speeches sampled from movies that get you amped like a 3rd grader on Ritalin ("The King Is Back"), death sentences for haters ("I'm Talkin' To You," "Undertaker"), Swizz whistles ("Get It"), and UGK tributes ("Front Back"). Best of all, the Crystal Waters joint we were so geeked on back in December made the cut. TI effortlessly smokes each track - whether double timing, pitching dimes, scooping your girl or slumped in the bucket. To quote Anchorman (appropriate, no?) IT JUMPED UP A NOTCH. Ride with him.

Posted: March 28, 2006