Never Tear Us Apart

May 30, 2006

We never really got a chance to go on about how gross the whole INXS TV show was - mostly because we'd rather spend blog inches on stuff we're actually feeling. Or things that come in the mail. But the INXS movie, on the other hand, looks pretty deece, especially with Johnny Depp as Michael Hutchence and music video director Nick Egan behind the camera.

Today brings news that Depp's old flame Kate Moss might be starring in the forthcoming film as Hutch GF Paula Yates, and while we get the whole art-imitates-life-imitates-something or other, we had to ask our British co-worker about the cultural significance of the late Yates.

"You might remember Paula as the busty bird that married Bob Geldof and dropped more than a few of his babies: Trixibelle Geldof, Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof, Pixie Geldof etc etc. Apart from the fairytale naming ceremonies, Paula was mostly made fun of because of her fake boobs and bad behavior. Our boy and former Yates co-host Jools Holland was one of the only people that had poor Paula's back."

There you have it! We added in "bird" ourselves, it just felt right. PS - if any kind folks want to throw a replacement Kick cassette our way, we would not be mad at it.

Posted: May 30, 2006
Never Tear Us Apart