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March 24, 2006

Tonight on East Village Radio, our special guests on The Let Out (6-8pm EST) are BK rackord breakers Caps And Jones. The bros racked up all manner of critical props for their Moving In Stereo disc - and although we can't cosign any reviews based around the phrase "mashterpiece", we definitely agree on the props-giving. C&Js latest jam is this Caroline catalog mix pictured above, an officially licensed collection of joints by everyone from Squarepusher to Shadows Fall, seamlessly mixed together. It's a 61-track disc, and it is fairly insane. Cop one for free at your local indie music emporium, and check Caps giving a rundown of some of his favorites after the jump.

YO! We made this mix in February 2006. Caroline Distribution asked all of their label heads – Century Media to Def Jux! – for songs they wanted us to put on the mix. When the reconnaissance was through, we had about 120 songs to choose from: everything from some wileout DEATHMETAL to backpack hip-hop to the fuckin MISFITS. Plus indie rock. LOTS of indie rock. When we got the list, we nodded and said fuck yeah. I mean, what else could we do?

Truth be told, we were kinda under the gun – Caroline needed it done for their production people by the end of the month (FEB), and we had been on some touring thing (HOU and SEA what’s good????), and when it all came crashin down, we made the mix in like a week. BUT! We came to love a bunch of the songs that got on. Here’s a lil’ lil’ taste of what was going through our brains, AKA our favorite songs on the joint and why.

Melvins and Lustmord, "The Bloated Pope"
Neither Jones nor I has any idea what “Lustmord” meant or means. Me, I vaguely remembered the Melvins from old Kurt Cobain biographies. BUT! When that little dude starts singin all high-pitched, we knew we had a beginning for the jam: Portentous! Premonitory! Very 2006, and ready to blow motherfuckers up and let em know we ready to make a mix for Caroline. And the next song (“Cannery Hours” by The Occasion) is the fake Led Zep jam you been waitin for, no lie. Those dudes are channeling some shit. Word to Ouija.

R.A. the Rugged Man, "Chains"
The only hip-hop song on here we actually like. (Sorry Cool Calm Pete!) I see this dude on the street in Brooklyn every now and then, and I always want to say something to him, but I can’t think of anything that would be even remotely appropriate. His hip-hop stories (as documented on byroncrawford.com) reveal levels of gulliness barely comprehensible to the average dude. Tragicomically, we’re too jittery to let the Wu verses hit but they’re probably cool, too. Buy Die, Rugged Man, Die.

The Ruts, "Jah War"
Following up the reggae-flavored white dude hip-hop with some reggae-flavored white dude punk. “Young black boiling hearts with aggression?” Call ‘em as you see ‘em, Ruts.

Broken Social Scene, "Almost Crimes"
When I close my cynical 25-y-o eyes for a minute while listening to this, I can 95% remember what was really good way back when I was 16: KISSIN SIXTEEN YEAR OLD FEMININAS IN DELAWARE PARK. Buffalo New York, holler back! I wish this song was around back when I was young. Way back when, but I ain’t even old yet. Word to old people.

Les Savy Fav, "The Sweat Descends"
This is the realest song on the whole gotdamn disc. They kill it, go for theirs; supreme hero status attained. Check their website if you still front & disbelieve. Caps & Jones ride for these motherfuckers for life on the strength.

Squarepusher, "Red Hot Car"
Last time we met up with Squarepusher, dude helped us repopulate Santana’s Town. (That’s Juelz, not Carlos. I know a few understand what I’m talking about.) Dude programs drums like none other, so bringing him for this was a natch. Incidentally, me and Jonesy’s red hot car can be seen here.

Lali Puna, "Faking the Books"
When this hits, try not to call your ex-girlfren. It’ll only end in tears.

Kings of Convenience, "Singing Softly To Me"
We are in the process of building a contraption out of a spinning wheel and used army boots that will repeatedly kick our asses for sleeping on this. We say "dude" a lot but we’re secretly softies.

Goldfrapp, "Strict Machine"
As mentioned above, we are planning on building a strict machine. Goldfrapp will fall in love with it, and ideally, consequently, us. And then we will fight to the death over the right to wife her. Future mixes will be released as Caps or Jones.

Run Chico Run, "Lifestyles of the Living Dead"
This sounds a lot like the Unicorns. We like the Unicorns. And unicorns.

Animal Collective, "Leaf House"
I (that is to say, Jones) place this song in my top ten of ALL TIME. Asking us to use it was like asking if I’m happy to be alive.

Lacuna Coil, "Heaven’s a Lie"
This is the first of two songs on the mix to incorporate the phrase “Heaven’s a Lie” (see also track 52, “Typhon” by Therion). Apparently, opera-influenced heavy metal groups do not believe in the afterlife. Then again, neither do I. But I don’t sing about it. Or at least I didn’t, until I heard this song thirty times.

The Misfits, "One Last Caress"
Only song on the tape that runs in full, uninterrupted, unabridged. FOR A REASON. Shout to Danzig.

Mortiis, "You Bring Out The Worst In Me"
I wanted this to sound like Slaughter at 45 RPM, but was almost pleasantly surprised to find that it sounds like a NIN b-side. I say "almost" because if you’re going to undergo extensive prosthetic transformations to turn yourself into a mythical goblin-beast, your music should reflect your commitment to taking it four steps too far.

Can, "Moonshake" / Neu! "Hallogallo"

Dabrye ft. Jay Dee and Fat Cat, "Game Over"

Brian Eno, "By This River"
I know we said the Les Savy Fav was the realest joint on here, but this is the extra-bo-bextra realest joint on here. If it was any realer, Brian Eno would be sitting across from you drinking Fernet Branca.

Posted: March 24, 2006
Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music