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June 09, 2006

America doesn’t begin laundering opponents in the World Cup until Monday, when Team USA plays the Czech Republic, but die hard soccerheads can go to Corona Park in Queens this weekend to get some backyard futbol on in preparation for the megamax international tourney, thanks to THE SWOOSH!

Tomorrow from 10 AM til 6 PM, 200 teens and twentysomethings will be competing in the East coast leg of the Nike Joga 3 global futsal tournament. Basically, futsal is to the World Cup what your turkey-bowl backyard brawl is to the Super Bowl: less guys scoring more points with minimal time outs and fewer substitutions. Plus, there will be open fields available for feverish ball fans who need to work out that extra adrenaline. Plus you don’t even need to bring your own ball because there will be a vending machine on site that spits out futsal balls! Pluuus there will be a DJ spinning tunes to keep your rec game focused. It’s almost enough to make us okay with the fact that we don’t have tickets to Germany.

Posted: June 09, 2006