Phone Tap

December 19, 2006

We gave Brian of Lemar And Dauley (designers of your favorite hooded sweatshirt's favorite hooded sweatshirt) a new Helio to tote around and take cameraphone snapshots of some of the tres fashionable events around town that he tends to end up attending. Last night dude went with his girlfriend to the black-tie Nas album release party at Capitale in NYC, check the snaps and TXT-ed recap after the jump.

"The event tonight slowed down a bit at the end when it started to really go into the whole Hip Hop Is Dead theme, but overall it was a great night. A lot of people showed up to hang out with the
Illmatic man himself: Dana Dane, DJ Clue, Chris Webber, Jay Z, Greg Nice, Big Daddy Kane, Spike Lee and his wife, and of course Kelis aka Mrs. Jones to you mutha%$#^ LOL. Other celebrity notables include Eddie George, Ja Rule, Andre Harrell, Busta Rhymes, and Namond (the kid w/ the ponytail) from HBO's The Wire. Highlights? Seeing everyone try to take it back to the late '80s with Greg Nice and Dana Dane, when they started to perform and beatbox on stage. I never seen so many people whop like this since i was li'l LOL. I look forward to hearing Nas's new album, hopefully he really saves hip hop."

Posted: December 19, 2006
Phone Tap