Madchester 2006, Vol III

June 17, 2006


It's Saturday at Bonnaroo and shade is at a premium. Or shade was at a premium - night has set in and Radiohead is about to go on any minute now.

After checking in on the breezy goodtimes of the Magic Numbers, the pleasant surprise of the day was that Dungen - not always the best live band - sounded absolutely shredding.

Guitarist Reina Fisk tweaked all kinds of sounds - both ambient and blistering - out of his guitar and Gustav thrashed around in his sexed-up way.

Usually the kids of icons inherit everything but the genius, but as you already know (you already know!) Damian Marley is an exception, and his music - a welcome break from all the guitar rock - fired the crowd up. The Bonaroo-ers are obviously very familiar with his dad's Legend comp, and Damian's dancehall, roots and hip-hop crossed re-imaginings let them dip their toes into a more NOW look at JA music.

Beck was his usual annoyingly offensive self, fake slack-rapping while his kitted-up band (plaid suits, one dude semi-break dancing) cowboy funked their way through the set. We'd tell you more, but there was just an explosion from the crowd coming from the direction of the main stage, and damned if that isn't "Hail To The Thief" being played in the background. So that's our cue. More to come, weekend friends!

Posted: June 17, 2006
Madchester 2006, Vol III