Madchester 2006, Vol V

June 18, 2006

The last two years we spent a lot of time out on the highways and bi-ways of The Lot, mingling with The People, but this year there's so many good bands that we've been running from stage to stage and back here to the press tent to send shit back to the Home Office - less people, more JAMZ.

In a recent issue of the ragazine we wondered aloud whether Mike Skinner aka the Streets was relevant here in America. Today proved the answer is uhm, yeah, obviously.

Skinner hollered out to his dad on Father's Day and trudged a huge bokkle of brandy around, promising it'd be empty before his set was done with. For the "Fit But You Know It" closer, he mashed it together with "I Love Rock & Roll," took his shirt off, ran down into the crowd pouring E&J down throats, crowd surfed and pulled one dude out to finish the bottle. Shit was hectic, stupid retarded and really fucking awesome.

Then we checked in with Stephen Malkmus. And listened to Steve Earle exercise his rights ("Fuck the FCC, fuck a FBI, fuck a CIA, we live in the motherfuckin USA").

And we felt our heart swell like it was Mother's Day when Kim Gordon go-go-rock danced with Sonic Youth. Thurston also did some guitar tricks but fuck a Thurston Moore, let's DANCE, KIM! In preparation for Phil Lesh and Friends (Jeezy! Paul Waaaaaaaall!), we present you with the words from a T-shirt we just saw: "Bass Great, Lesh Philling." Anyone? Anyone?

Posted: June 18, 2006
Madchester 2006, Vol V