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June 20, 2006

Both longtime FADER-ators of one calling or another, writer, teacher and friend Knox Robinson and photographer, style icon and friend Andrew Dosunmu have an insane new book, The African Game hitting your local bookstore NOW through Puma and Powerhouse Books. As World Cup season shifts into third gear, the book documents the sport in all its many incarnations - from street to stadium, from beach workouts to primetime action, from sideline to television set.

As you know from damn near every issue of The FADER recently, Dosunmu (whose photos make up the vast majority of this anvil-sized book) has a knack for capturing atmosphere, personality and energy. Robinson's essays, meanwhile, throw a writer's elbow into the ribs of the sport's details and record the grunts and breaths and spittle that comes up in run-on sentences that spin and spin. He riffs on heroes' last names, street-level video montages broadcast on TV, good luck charms, losing, dreaming, winning and crying. What all of this means? When you're watching your team on TV, the games only seem that much deeper.

Posted: June 20, 2006