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Still Summer

June 29, 2006

We know that most of y'all have kept up with our Summer Music Issue downloadables, and snagged both the PDF of the magazine and the DJ mix of music from F39 artists the very second we posted them up (PS: thanks!) But thanks to the syndication magic of the Associated Press talking about how we were the first magazine ever on iTunes in podcast form (PPS: thanks!) there's now trillions upon zillions of people coming to ye olde to check out said downloads for the first time. Soooo - if you haven't grabbed our podcasts yet, here's how to do it.

Click here to download a PDF of issue 39 in its entirety, from cover stories on Rick Ross and Nina Sky, to features on bhangra, Chicago juke house, Paris' Ed Banger Records, Stephen McBean of Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops, Greg Dulli, and more good music than we can even remember to type out. There's also an mp3 mix of that aforementioned music to enjoy. For non iTunes-ers, you can subscribe with your RSS program here, or grab an individual PDF here. You can view the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable here. Thanks to for the media hosting.

Still Summer