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Broken Social Bloc Party Scene

August 04, 2006

Last night we trooped up to LA's Greek Theatre to check out what is presumably Broken Social Scene and Bloc Party's last touring runs behind their respective 2005 albums, Broken Social Scene and Silent Alarm.

Broken Social Scene, inflating and deflating between four and ten onstage performers, packed their set with their BIG ROCKS SONGS. Tunes getting major multi-colored workouts included "Star And Sons," "Cause=Time," "7/4 (Shoreline)" and "Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day)." We guess the slower, atmospheric numbers about disaffected teenage girls and drinking other people's piss don't really play well in big, outdoor venues, which is too bad. Bloc Party played all the good songs that we've lived with and heard live for almost years—"Little Thoughts," "This Modern Love," "Banquet," etc—plus a couple new ones from the album they just finished recording. The highlight came early when Bloc Party reciprocated BSS dedicating "Fire Eye'd Boy" to them by dedicating "Blue Light" to the Canadian openers (friends!). Why wasn't "Blue Light" a huge prom night anthem? Have you heard it recently? Pull the album the CD from your rack (we know you have it) and take a listen if you haven't for awhile. You just might make it the soundtrack to your "Summer ’06!!!!" iPhoto album.

Posted: August 04, 2006
Broken Social Bloc Party Scene