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Piece By Piece

September 15, 2006

Photo from F40 by Cedric Buchet

This past Tuesday, the Rapture released their swell new LP, Pieces of the People We Love (only a tenner at some spots!), and this Sunday they'll be filming a video for the single "Wooh! Alright - Yeah, Uh Huh" at Office Ops in Williamsburg. "Food, refreshments, and DJs" are promised - but know that extras are required to adhere to a dress code that references weird porn, old people in ballcaps, and the Cobra Snake. Don't scoff, we know you have been saving that just-eBayed pink windbreaker for this very moment. Find out more about Pieces and the influences/inspirations of Rapture bassist Mattie Safer in the current issue. (No vintage outfits, sorry.)

Posted: September 15, 2006
Piece By Piece