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Rolled Over

September 22, 2006

Just spotted leaving the outbox...

Dear Drive-By Truckers,

As the mother of the fine workforce behind this here website and its accompanying magazine, I must ask that you please no longer take a year off from playing New York. When y'all are gone for that long, when you return, my beloved sons and daughters get real carried away by the ROCK SHOW and end up drinking way too much and can't really remember anything to post here on Ye Olde The site suffers for it, and I suffer for it.

They told me to thank you for the really badass version of "18 Wheels of Love" and the always-and-forever favorite "The Night GG Allin Came to Town." Other than that the night is a big black hole, and, as you can understand, it worries me. So, if y'all could please return to our regularly scheduled, every-six-months-or-so appearances, I would really appreciate it. If not for the money, the fame, the glory or the sushi, do it for me.

See you in March (I trust).



Posted: September 22, 2006
Rolled Over